Boxing – outsider money

Betting on boxing matches is perhaps the most demanding of all. If in game sports you can be based on statistics, consider personal meetings and the shape of your rivals, then in boxing you should be an expert. Be prepared for the fact that before you win, you will need more than one year of practice and hundreds of records of matches played.

Boxing - outsider money

The main and only advantage of boxing bets

Look at the objective factors that influence the battle forecast:

  • Personal meetings;
  • Statistics of fights;
  • Knockouts, knockdowns, technical victories.

Now familiarize yourself with subjective factors:

Boxing - outsider money
  • Anthropometric data
  • Age
  • Battle style
  • Psychological state
  • Discipline
  • Refereeing
  • Coaching staff
  • Boxer Relations

As you can see, the forecast in boxing is extremely subjective. Due to the lack of objective data, bookmakers have to make subjective conclusions. As a result, unreasonably high odds for outsiders.

Bid Types

Boxing - outsider money

Victory / defeat. Betting on victory only makes sense if you have a good odds on an outsider and your confidence that he is stronger than your opponent. It is much more profitable to guess the outcome of the match: knockout, victory by points, technical victory.

Draw. Among all sports betting, boxing is one of the few disciplines where a draw is almost impossible. As a rule, even in the event of an equal fight in the match for the champion belt, a victory is awarded to the one who defended the title.

The duration of the fight. There are types of bets on a group of rounds (for example, 3-6), more / less, as well as the exact number of rounds. The latter case is quite risky, and will lose at a distance.

Boxing - outsider money

The presence of knockdowns. Knockdowns in boxing are not uncommon, so if a fighter with a powerful blow is involved in the match or is it a heavy weight category – you can bet. You can also try to guess the number of knockdowns.

Boxing Live Betting

It’s no secret that it is safer to make money on live sports betting. Online boxing betting is a pretty specific phenomenon. One way or another, the following tips will give you an idea of ​​the direction in which to analyze the course of the battle.

Do not bet at the start of the battle. Many boxers fight measuredly and exhaust the opponent by all means.

If the fight is an equal, do not bet on a draw. Victory will be given to the current champion, favorite or local fighter.

Boxing - outsider money

Knockdown at the beginning of the battle (the so-called flash knockdown), unlike MMA, does not mean anything. As a rule, a fighter calmly gets up and continues the fight, as if nothing had happened.

Keep track of the physical condition of the fighters. Panting, heavy thirst, lameness, stance with an emphasis on one of the parties – all this is a bad sign for a boxer.

Remember that before boldly making bets, you must have a solid base or listen to the opinions of experts. So your chance of winning will be higher.

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