Live bets – 1 on 1 with a bookmaker

Sports Betting

The best live sports betting is a duel with a bookmaker. No matter how good a capper, getting a big profit against a team of analysts and automated programs is more difficult than in an in-person, purely human confrontation.

Live bets - 1 on 1 with a bookmaker

In live betting, everything is in the hands of the player himself. If he compares risks well, knows how the odds of bookmakers rise and fall, and, of course, he is well versed in the match and the specifics of the sport, he will win often and a lot. But if kapper skills are not enough, you can lose almost the entire bank.

Best Sports Betting – Life Betting

Live betting is a completely different game compared to classic ones. With unimaginable frequency, the coefficients change, the highest level of risk, enormous pressure on the psychological state of the player, and, of course, the abyss of tricks and traps from bookmakers.

Live bets - 1 on 1 with a bookmaker

But at the same time, sports betting via the Internet gives the capper certain advantages.

  • Control over the situation;
  • A variety of strategies and solutions;
  • Advantage over resources and time of the bookmaker.
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It’s quite difficult to give specific advice on live bets. This is the highest level of deposit management, and no less grandiose level of understanding of the sport. But there are a few key conclusions that will be true for this type of bet.

Live bets - 1 on 1 with a bookmaker


The more preparation time you spend, the easier it will be for you to play online. It is immediately necessary to pay attention to the manner of playing of the rivals, the tournament position, and, in general, to everything that can affect the seemingly obvious forecast. As a rule, big money is won in those matches where the leader in the account eventually loses.


It is not only about the patience of the player, but also directly about the very need for calculation. Plan and decide all your actions in advance. What if another player or team leads in the score? Will you raise the bid? Concentrate on the game, or will you look for forks? Think ahead and don’t change your mind.

Total 0.5

Live bets - 1 on 1 with a bookmaker

This is the most common and most reliable type of bet. More or less prepared, having studied opponents and watching the game, you can make a similar bet. It is worth noting that in gaming sports such a decision is made with an open account, when one of the teams will try to return a draw.

Do not play all-in

And do not play for large sums either. Live sports betting on the Internet is the most unpredictable. The ideal rate can be considered the amount of 5-10% of the bank.

Use third-party services

Bookmaker sites are deliberately late with broadcasts and statistics. Use third-party services, but rather select several at once.

Live bets - 1 on 1 with a bookmaker
Keep track of time

A bet at the very beginning of the match contradicts the very idea of  live betting. With every minute of equal play, the odds on the favorite grows. TB1.5 with a zero score is set to the 60th minute. In basketball and tennis, seconds can create or destroy an opportunity for forks. Do not oversleep your moment!

A general rule for bets, especially relevant for Live – learn about others and look for your own strategies. The patterns in this type of betting are much greater than in the classic.

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