Pure sports betting analytics

Sports betting on the sweepstakes is analytics without cuts. It is a forecast, usually of fifteen points, without ratios, sometimes with the possibility of supplementing the exact score. This greatly simplifies the approach to forecasting – all you need to do is understand the sport. At the same time, it is more difficult to become successful on the sweepstakes, because there is almost no bank management that allows you to at least somehow control losses.

Pure sports betting analytics

Why is tote interesting and profitable to play?

Tote is more of a domestic phenomenon. While abroad, not all bookmakers have such an opportunity, then in the CIS it is very often, and this is natural.

As mentioned above, a tote is pure analytics. You do not need to think about the odds, the choice of murals and other specific bookmaker categories. You are given ready-made options, and it remains only to make a specific forecast.

As a rule, for a minimum victory, you need to guess 9 out of 15 results. 60% is a fully realized performance for experienced players.

Pure sports betting analytics

You can win a lot of money by investing a small amount. Of course, the chance to hit the jackpot, or a big win after 13-14 predicted predictions is minimal, but it is possible.

The tote is clearly competitive in nature. Your winnings directly depend on the bets and results of other players. For many, seeing how good you are among the majority becomes much more interesting than watching how the odds of bookmakers change.

As you can see, a sweepstakes (sports betting) is a great opportunity not to invest a lot of money, and at the same time to have fun, sports interest and a gain commensurate with your investments.

Playing on a sweepstake is the same as playing on bets

There are two main ways to play in the sweepstakes. You can play big. An experienced player, accustomed to playing at long distances, always remains at least in the black. For beginners, this option is dangerous, and they play in a shallow way, counting on a jackpot or 13-14 guessed predictions. But to catch such a line is very difficult.

Pure sports betting analytics
Photos taken at Las Vegas.

Thus, a tote, despite a simple entry threshold, is still a test of two of the bettor’s most important qualities: sports analytics and the ability to assess risk.

Many consider the uncertainties of gain, the difficult line of events and the need to make high stakes to be the disadvantages of sweepstakes. But be sure – if you are an experienced analyst (even if not a capper), then you have a great chance to win on the sweepstakes.

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