Value volleyball bets

Volleyball betting is not the most popular type of betting – experts in this sport can be counted on the fingers. But this attracts experienced players. The analytics of this sport is very similar to football, but at the same time there is no chance of a draw, and the number of value bets is off the charts.

Value volleyball bets

Value bets are lines in which odds for outsiders are unreasonably high. In this case, you can bet the percentage of the bank even if you don’t know the team, or you barely understand this sport. In other disciplines, for example, in football, such bets are rare, and basically can only be found in unpopular championships. In volleyball, value lines are by no means uncommon.

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As mentioned above, betting on a volleyball match is very similar to football. Basic analysis is carried out for the same indicators:

  • Statistics of wins / losses in a season;
  • Statistics of victories / defeats in retrospect;
  • Statistics of games at home and away;
  • Statistics of personal meetings;
  • Team events (injuries, transfers, etc.);
  • Physical training;
Value volleyball bets

The psychological situation.

At the same time, there are differences. In volleyball, a more active rotation of players, however, in some teams the injury of a key player can still affect the overall picture of the game. Learn the teams – did they play without their leaders?

Volleyball is a more team game than football. Due to the small size of the site, a lack of understanding leads to a loss of position and collisions. Several such cases – and the morale of the squad is undermined. That is why comebacks often occur in volleyball even in a seemingly won set. And we are not even talking about the case when the server “went” serving.

What to bet on?

The most profitable type of betting in volleyball is totals. In this case, the capper predicts the number of points scored, for example, “more” or “less” 179.5. If you are an experienced player, then grab at the expense of the set – in this case, the benefit will be much greater.

Value volleyball bets

In volleyball there are many so-called underdogs, i.e. teams that, according to the majority, are the weakest. The odds on them are often unreasonably high. As for volleyball itself, one of the sets, especially the first, is often taken by underdogs.

Unique online volleyball bet on the result of the first set. As a rule, the chances of winning at the beginning of the match are quite high even for outsiders, in connection with which the “catch-up” strategy is often used. The same strategy is actively used in live betting.

Rare, but still noteworthy bets can be considered lines on the individual performance of the players and the achievement of the tournament result.


Types of volleyball. Be careful with female volleyball bets. Ladies often give up and surprise both bookmakers and experts. The same can be said about beach volleyball, where the specifics are so great that this subspecies can be considered a separate sport.

Value volleyball bets

Live betting. Place bets only in major tournaments. This is not a very popular sport, and many bookmakers do not give the opportunity to bet by the end of the match, which completely cuts off the options for totals, outcome and strategy of “catch-up”.

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